Saturday, April 22, 2017

Don't repeat my mistakes...

Originally posted on Saturday, April 1, 2017

....while you are trying to succeed in this "sport". We all know the rule 2 or 5% of pro traders. According my experience this rule is real by far. I have met and talked with dozens of wannabe traders and the % is really disappointing. There are some descent advisors or analysts or brokers...but traders? Not...! When I had the cash, I didn't have experience as well the proper mentality. On the other hand, I do have enough of those "ingredients" now, but there is a lack of funds.. Irony?  Maybe...But I think it was fatal..I followed the flow..


You need to use all the necessary tools...You have to back test your method(s) so as to confirm your trading edge..You need to have a trading journal and review your trades every week. All of them!...You need to have a trading plan and stick to this. 

As regards your character...This is your personal battle... Deal with this...!

Have a Nice and Profitable Month!!

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