Saturday, January 21, 2017

TheHawk's #trading #setup for #UK100 #FTSE100 #GB100 and few comments..

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I appreciate your positive feedback regarding my #trading posts as well as my #trading levels and setups..Having a specific plan for the next day is crucial for any trader..This is what you need to do..My levels/setups or revesal signals are not 100% correct however they have big probabilities to be valid..

Hopefully, Onlyson, will return back soon and if his #tradingplan goes well then i am going to step down gradually for the "new blood" like Onlyson..
I think that i have to dedicate more time on my personal #trading #profitability and my daily job..
Trade well and stay safe!!

Preffered trading setups:  Rejections and Confirmations of the Trading Levels.
I will send 2 MORE SETUPS by email within w/e. Enjoy!!


1 comment:

- Onlyson- said...

It seems lately that a lot of folks want an unstable man to wear a broken mask...

This was and still is my house of trading thoughts and like an only child , i must preserve and honor my father's fortune.

That will happen, if the circumstances are those that inspire spiritual sobriety and educational value.

Untill then , you have my love and respect .