Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reading "history" is piece of cake...

Reading and studying EOD charts, is piece of cake..but being an active trader, needs "big balls of fire"..
I remember a guy few years ago. He posted an "amazing" analysis for an index. He was explaining what we should have done in each case. Let me give u few examples..

1 RSI was obvious a buy...(MACD bearish..MAs bearish)
2. MACD bull crossover ( RSI? MAs?)
3. MACD bullish divergence (MAs? RSI?)
end so on....

He was refering in each indicator whenever was convienient for his "scientific analysis". Closing his post, he said the magic phrase " So you have seen how easy was". Naturally he accepted lots of credit by all the members and i felt like stupid...Holly f@ck!!!

There was no strategy....I am 100% sure that this guy was a real "tourist" when we had the real action...He had no balls to follow any signal...Because there was no CLEAR signal....

Read charts...but develop a strategy...specific entry and exit rules..All the rest are BULLSHIT...!!


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