Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dont be fooled!!

Trading is really difficult. Do not be fooled. The expectation living from it, is breathtaking and equally misleading. Think the following scenario, you have professional experience around IT and you suddenly decide to become an auto mechanic. Is it possible? Oh yes..However it requires to start learning everyhthing from scratch. So if you really like to repair cars, then find a garage and start part time occupation. When you reach the desired level and the mentor give the final okay, change your job.

Dont be fooled! The above scenario is easier than trading.Trading is even more difficult. You face the worst side of yourself. It is clearly easier to deal with other peolpe..But not yourself..We have problem there..So start trading...Maintain profitability for consecutive three years as part time and then decide whether to do the" trading for living". Anything else is NOT easy ..


P.S. Unless your daddy, pays all your "fees"...


ArTaXiA said...

.... and a happy new year.

If trading could really be a full time occupation, then tax authorities would have classified it as such.

TheHawk said... are a practical guy,my lord Artaxia...