Saturday, August 5, 2017

"Can You teach me?" Sure! "Will I Make Money?" Go F@ck of man!!

We do pay for learning T.A. including everything...Personally I havent paid "them". Market has punished me financially, emotionally, and whatever u like to think...I was lucky that my mentors didnt ask for cash... :) I should have paid them for sure...


Can I Teach someone T.A.? Sure! 

Can I Teach you reading Price action? Naked Trading?
Will I make money?
Can I Teach you using Indicators...MACD or RSI...bla bla..?
Hell Yeah...! And believe me you wont find my "discoveries" in trading books!
Will I make money?
Sure Not!
Can I Teach you using Harmonics?
Piece of cake...
Will I make money?
What a joke..
Can I Teach you using multime timeframe strategies combining different setups?
Lets do it now...!!
Will I make money?
How should I know mate?
What about S/R levels, fibonacci, supply-demand zones...blabla..?
My favorites...Starting now..
Will I make money?
Now you are making me nervous...

Will you show me your trading methods or your trading "secrets" (as long as they are still valid?)
Go F@CK of MAN!!!

A funny Trading Story by THEHAWK!!

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