Friday, July 7, 2017

Can you forgive yourself??

I never could, I was too selfish for it. Many were the times that I also tried to shift the blame from me to another person or a situation so as not to admit my fault and not being in the following uncomfortable position:

to understand what I did wrong, blame myself, forgive myself, fix the bloody problem.
And that’s a long procedure, it might take a full 24 hour day, it might take 2 weeks and sometimes it might end with our last breath into the very place we live in.
As in many things, long-lasting equals to difficult, a sprinter only needs strong legs and a good… “meds supplier” where as a marathoner is required to have the mental capacity to overcome the obstacle of consistent pain to his body limits.
So we all can understand why I never chose this path, maybe because it was never really needed.

But now it’s time.
In a massive failure, a complete collapse of your plans and your dreams whether  they contain trading as a profession or a simple but important relationship with a person, now it’s the time to take the blame like a man and then…

forgive yourself like a father to a beloved son.
Why now you say??
Because now it’s the time when you pride and your ego will collide with your dreams for a happy and successful life.
It isn’t a trade, where it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong but how much $  the closed position will bring to the table. It is about understanding it’s your fault and being prepared  to face the music of your own actions.
Its about blaming yourself in a constructive way and not try to damage your soul by a consistent and needless self beating.
Its about forgiving yourself, showing mercy, let bygones be bygones , water under the bridge
et Cetera…

Of course finding the proper solution won’t be easy but it’s a step where it usually gets done by time and persistence,
on the contrary forgiving yourself is a procedure which requires a total reprogram of your belief system.
It’s not a coincidence that many people tried and keep trying to profit from the process of forgiveness.

So its time to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did,

all the pain you caused to you and your loved ones
forgive yourself about the actions you have taken and those that you haven’t
forgive yourself for not forgiving yourself in the first place
finally forgive yourself for quitting, forgive him,
just forgive him…

and then continue.

“How can I blame you , when it’s me I can’t forgive”

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TheHawk said...

Wow....amazing post...I do understand what u r saying...You have just communicated a major human issue...