Saturday, May 20, 2017

Come on...There is NO Price for a Solid Trading System...

and if there is....? Then it's not solid...
This is my humble opinion...

I always like to talk about my own trading experiences. However, through me, you are able to understand the 'bitter" truth. As you have seen during last months, i am posting my trading levels / plans for various instruments (mainly DAX). I have given few tips.. 

Magenta Trading Levels: Based on W1, D1, H4
Yellow Trading Levels: Based on H1, H30, H15
Green Trading Levels: Daily Bias Confluence
Preferred trading setups: Rejections & Confirmations of Trading Levels

I have received many emails asking me how I identify those levels as well how you should play them. I was never specific on my answers and i wont be....Sorry guys...But i have lost money and time to find something reliable to trade with..
But above all, there is no price for this technique as well...Am I weird? Come on....This is the reality dudes..I could "sell" my signals....But selling the "essence" of my trading plan? No f@cking way....!!

Therefore....if I sell it in few months....Then you already know that my system sucks...Or you need min 100k to execute it... :)

So you get it, right? I am talking about myself but no as well... ;)
Be profitable...Be humble...Be Pro...

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