Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TheHawk's trading levels for #DAX #GER30 #DE30 $DAX #DAX30

GM Traders!!

First of all i appreciate all ur comments and likes..
Secondly, i need to repeat it once again that
due to my work i cant follow and reply at you
daily questions.Usually i can answer much later..

Also we dont trade the lvls blidly. We need to
see rejection or confirmation in lower timeframes.
Indeed the green lvls are for intraday. Sometimes
the yellow can be for higher approach but u need
confimation with higher timeframe too.

Below 10635, i have 10530 and 10495 lvls.
TRZ H1 is at 10711 so we remain at bearish bias.
However dont forget that we r still in range.

Finally i m not a newstrader. So if there r any news,
you should be cautious playing the lvls.

In case u have questions, pls send me email
or here in the blog...
Trade well...Stay Safe!!!!!!!

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