Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Brief Review...The "Dream"... Never Say Never!

Hello, my fellow friends,

Heading to Christmas Holidays, it's the perfect period for a personal re-evaluation of 2017, "reconstruction" of pending plans and set new goals for the upcoming year. But I need to stay brief.  

A Review,
My personal "trading" metrics remained stable and profitable. I have to optimize my profit taking strategy - like most traders; therefore I am satisfied but still plenty space for improvement. Regarding the Greek Stock market, my trading ideas were solid. The success ratio was by far positive. I will try to keep up the good pace. 
The Dream,
I feel lucky as every single day I weak up smiling because my daily job is around...Trading&Traders... Even though the sector is "dark", I am trying to have/give a positive approach.
However, before reaching there, I touched the bottom. Few people know my journey. 
But...But... This journey is challenging... My hobby turned to be my job...Since I am "assessing" other Traders to improve the overall performance. 
So your "dream" can be true...  
Never Say Never,
Personally, I have said many times "never". Big mistake... Even though I really enjoy reading everything around my "hobby", I was totally negative for any other case. But I am also a realist. I like to have options. I decided to go forward and learn programming. It's true that Trading is my motive once again.

If the young readers like my 2 cents, you should think to follow this education path... There is a huge need for developers everywhere!! I am not either young or an old guy...But I can see the potential... 

We love Trading... In the meantime, we need to stay "alive"...

Merry Christmas!!!!


ΠΑΝΟΣ 1953 said...

Καλά Χριστούγεννα Γεράκι μου με υγεία, ευτυχία και επιτυχίες στην ζωή σου!

TheHawk said...

Καλα Χριστουγεννα...να είμαστε ολοι καλα!!