Thursday, August 3, 2017


When people ask me what is my relationship with the world of trading and more precisely what is the “trade-deal” between the two parties, I reply, comme ca.
-Trading robbed me of everything I had, 
money, time , valuable skills , physical and mental health , private life , family 
and in return it gave me a dream, The Dream, of total freedom , the ability to survive on my own terms and
then …
it robbed me of that too.

Not the best outcome right??
Well what do you expect, I am a novice, I don’t know how to trade, but most importantly I don’t know how to derive lessons, experiences, hidden knowledge from that occupation.
And it’s the exact reason why there is no evolution to my skills, because I looked at the p/l and never at the abilities that I acquired . 
This was and still is a decease which troubles me through the entire aspect of my life.
Not understanding the deeper reasons of doing something now for the future.
Not understanding how roda da fortuna works.
Not understanding that Jesua had fallen and risen up many times until he reached that hill.

All those years we keep ignoring the basic principle that shapes our thoughts,  our actions … our whole lives.
Time+velocity = Destination
But why are we so blind??
Why do we only look the first part of the equation (past and present) and never bring it in comparison with the second  (future perspective).
Always want to whine about the bumpy road and the shitty car that grandpa gave you, but never fantasize about the joy ,  happiness and fulfillment  you will get after reaching to the place of your choice.

And that is the major reason people quit and fail to reach their goals .
They have a microscopic view of the world , which places them in the death spiral state of rapid changing emotions. 
It is too much for them (for anyone to be honest) and eventually they end up giving up and comprising to something much easier and faster to achieve,
or worsely they jug that 15$ whisky, day in day out.

Developing a thick skin in your life and managing your emotions (fuel activity) in a beneficial way is the only path for succeeding and accomplishing the goals you persevere .
Life is not a static cardiogram but rather a dynamic one which has a one and only direction…

the one you choose.

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