Saturday, May 27, 2017

For me....There is no such an EGO issue here...

I was having a usual conversation with Onlyson few years ago (years already..? Damn!). Onlyson had just started the "sport" of trading and his ego was high in stratosphere as every wannabe trader..and I said.." I will happily quit trading if i could find another guy trading for me or following him"..." I could give my 50% of my profits... No problem with that.." 

Onlyson was really surprised.." How can you say such a thing" "So many years in trading...? WTF?"

(Damn... I was thinking to write about subscriptions but my introduction leads me to another path!!. I have to change my post title.)

Let's continue this discussion... 

Look guys... Let be realistic here... I am realistic... My target is cash... No just playing around.. I was a gambler many, many years ago... I have bet in every kind of sport.. I didn't lose money overall.. I became finally arbitrageur.. WHY? My target was MONEY... I needed...wanted profits..


I love trading... I want to be a trader.. I want to live this dream... Hell Yeah...!!! 


If i could find someone to accomplish this dream for me....or very close to that.. Should I do it? Should i give 50% of my profits...? Hell Yeah!! F@ck my EGO!!

The last question... Did you find this guy?

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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