Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Share...You Share..Why not?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am running this blog some years. Trading was like my hobby (?) and I am in the business suddenly. Crisis gives new opportunities. Anyway, I guess I like to drop a few lines in public and I am still keeping the blog alive. Certainly, I am not THE successful trader (trading for a living) due to many other mistakes apart from trading. This is life. However, we have been doing really well last few years and we need to step forward even more. Though, this is my personal battle..

Last months, I am sending my #trading levels, especially on DAX, which I think that are really helpful. So many people have requested to receive my daily updates. I believe there are many professionals in my list as well. This is encouraging.
IF..IF... you are "producing" some extra cents in your pocket due to my posts, it would be great to share some of them (monthly) with TheHawk. BUT, you will decide this. I won't change anything. I am not creating any service. I don't exclude anyone. There will be no NEW obligations between each other..
(There is Paypal and Skrill too)

Think about it...

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