Saturday, December 12, 2015

My trading design for #XAUUSD #USOIL #XAGUSD

Even though they are not my favourite instruments for trading, i thought 
to give my view on them..
#XAUUSD has more potential bullish mood while the rest two, the bears 
are having a party..specially on USOIL..


Seems its trying to build a major swing here...meaning a higher low..
This means my strategy would be buying major dips in lower frames..
A very bullish trader could say that we r seeing a bull flag..I dont like the symmetry..
but could be..We need a valid break out of recent highs in order 
to apply the upper targets...possible on 1100..


Silver made new low..cant follow the tempo of the downside channel..
in a bigger broadening triangle..The slow stoch doesnt help us..remains below 20 
more than it should..No positive..No either a pos div...
So no significant signs of reversal..


Last but no least..USOIL has the worst price behaviour..for bulls...
I wonder who tries to catch the bottom while it has given great opp for 
selling least 2 times in the previous week..The slow stoch remains 
below 20 for days...Bad sign..Sign of weakness...I dont care where is the bottom..
I prefer waiting for a potential HL...Till then...Selling in lower 
frames at major peaks...


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